A special book

Wherever you are, Latvia invites you to donate a book, of importance to yourself, with a self-written dedication or personal story on its title page.

Maybe the book has been stamped or a coffee stain left in it, have favourite quotes been marked? Could it have been bought with your first salary or travelled the world? Messages reaching the People’s Bookshelf will be preserved forever! The contents of the Bookshelf will also give us an idea of ​​attitudes to reading and culture in this restless information age.

A special place

Gunnar Birkerts, architect of the National Library of Latvia – Gaismas pils (Castle of Light) – designed a five-storey glass structure, intended for several tens of thousands of books, in the building’s atrium. He wanted this to be one of the central elements of the building, as the structure also incorporates elements of visual interplay. Unusual impressions can be created with mirrors, looking at the shelves from different angles.

We believe that the Bookshelf designed by the architect is a special place. The books placed there will be preserved in perpetuity and will also constantly remind visitors about the individual stories that make up our culture and history.

Taking part

How do I participate?

  1. Choose one special book to give to the People’s Bookshelf;
  2. Write a message in your preferred language on the title page, explaining why you are giving this particular book;
  3. Go to your nearest public library or the NLL;
  4. Bring along the donation form or fill it in on the spot;
  5. Hand your book to the librarian;
  6. Receive an acknowledgment of your gift;
  7. Thank you! That’s all!



Are you expecting only books in Latvian?

The book can be in any language.

How many books can I bring?


Will I also be able to access my and other donated books?

Yes, book descriptions include an option to order them.

Where should my dedication be written?

On the title page.

Can I submit a book without a dedication or a story?


Can I only bring a new book?

The age of the book does not matter.

Can books be donated only by residents of Latvia?

No, it can be done by anyone, provided that the book contains a dedication or a personal story.

What if the title page already has another note (by the author or similar)?

Write your dedication or story on the next free page.

What if I have any specific questions about this campaign?

Write to: plaukts@lnb.lv