In 1992, while working as deputy to Minister for Culture Raimonds Pauls, Nellija Janaus visited faraway Australia.

There she met famous artist Reinis Zusters, who, as a gift to mark their pleasant encounter, gave her a copy of Spiral Vision, a catalogue of his life and works, with a portrait of Nellija Janaus on the flyleaf. On 7 February 2019, Nellija Janaus presented this book to the People’s Bookshelf for safekeeping.


Toms Herings, the Art Reading Room’s chief bibliographer

Day to day, Toms, one of the tallest people on the library staff (1.98m), oversees a very diverse range of special collections of Latvian and international graphic publications, ensuring their conservation, supplementation and promotion. Nevertheless, he can also be found in the reading room itself, ensuring the selection of the latest and most valuable art books and their place in the collection. If you can’t find a book or it’s on the top shelf, feel free to ask Toms!

Photo: Kristians Luhaers