On 2 April, pupils from Class 1.d of Rīga’s No 6 Secondary School donated a book they had created themselves to the People’s Bookshelf.

Class teacher Kadrija Beirote tells the story:“The album-book is straightforward, made by hand. It is a kind of testimony to how today’s seven-year-old children see our country and everyday life. And maybe sometime, reading the message of the children and their parents, someone will think about and decide to take action – to live in such a way that, hand on heart, they can say they THEMSELVES have done everything possible so as to be able to live in a clean, beautiful, homely, happy, prosperous state and wonderful country! ”

The book is accepted by librarian Ilze Marga, for whom working with children has always been a priority, hence her everyday life is spent on Level 7 of Gaismas pils (Castle of Light), at the Children’s Literature Centre. With her colleagues, preparing interesting lessons, inviting children from all over Latvia to participate in reading-promotion activities and organising the National Reading Aloud Competition. The best-placed person to tell you about what creative events will be happening on Family Saturdays.

Foto: Kristians Luhaers