A gift from Līga Ruperte, founder of the 3 x 3 movement,
4 July


Līga Ruperte and her grandchildren Anita, Arnolds and Andrejs, Library director Andris Vilks

The inscprition:
3 x 3 is one of the most powerful and interesting phenomena of “Latvianness” in the world as, thanks to the volunteer work of many hundreds of committed, enthusiastic and diligent people, it has evolved into a global movement. Between the first camp at Garezers in 1981 and Latvia’s centenary, 239 camps have taken place.
The goals of 3 x 3 are:

  • to extend Latvian knowledge
  • to promote a feeling of Latvian community
  • to strengthen Latvian families
  • to stimulate Latvian friendship

For me and my husband Arnolds, whose contribution to 3 x 3 is invaluable,
3 x 3 became a bridge to Latvia. I am convinced that Latvia and Latvians need 3 x 3, especially because we are scattered across different countries. These books summarize the history of 3 x 3 both in Latvia and outside it. This is living history that continues on. And these books can be a handbook for those who will take 3 x 3 even further.


Photo: Kristians Luhaers