Marking the European Week of Sport in Latvia, Secretary-General of the Latvian Sports Federation Artūrs Balodis-Rozītis, sports journalist Anatolijs Kreipāns and President of the Latvian Football Federation Kaspars Gorkšs present their donated books on 26 September.

The gifts are received by National Library of Latvia Director Andris Vilks (on the right) and Public Relations Manager Augusts Zilberts (on the left)

Inscription of Kaspars Gorkšs:
Nothing is more alluring than a widely read mind …

Inscription of Anatolijs Kreipāns:
Wishing you many new books and having enough space for them all!

Inscription of Artūrs Balodis-Rozītis:
Finding itself on the People’s Bookshelf, may this book assist anyone wishing to learn more about swimming and its history.

Photo: Kristians Luhaers