Gifts from the staff of Baltic International Bank marking the 25th anniversary of the bank’s foundation,
14 November

The gifts are presented by (from the right), the bank’s leading employees

Laima Zēmele and Jekaterina Kuzņecova, Chairman of the Board

Viktors Bolbats to Library Director Andris Vilks and Director of the NLL Foundation Kārina Pētersone

Inscription in the catalogue for Ilmārs Blumbergs exhibition I won’t die:
Talented people can see the splendour of the world. Particularly talented people not only know how to see it, but also how to show it to others. But artists such as Ilmārs Blumbergs are able to transcend time, see the future, and possibly, even eternity.
We are grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with this outstanding Latvian artist.
We hope every resident of Latvia carries out their tasks with great enthusiasm, so as to provide the inspiration that Ilmārs Blumbergs gave us.

Photo: Kristians Luhaers