On 24 January, launching their new TV series Literatūre (“Literatour”), travellers Marta Selecka and Gustavs Terzens, along with director Uģis Olte, present the People’s Bookshelf with the works of the writers featured in the programmes.

The traveller’s books are received by Augusts Zilberts, the NLL’s head of public relations.

Augusts, also known as the library’s spokesperson, can afford to speak out loud in the library. He collaborates with the media on a daily basis, providing information about library events and organising interviews for other colleagues. A lot of his time is devoted to writing speeches, media information and publicity texts, but at the same time, he is able to organise and conduct events himself. Augusts will welcome you very warmly, but rest assured – will tell you when it is time to leave. Why? Come to the library and you’ll find out!


Photo: Kristians Luhaers