Gifts from the Centenary Bureaus of Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, 3 May

From the left side: Library director Andris Vilks

Thomas Kiho, Head of the Stearing Group of Estonia 100
One hundred years of statehood is just the start. The roots that unify us go much deeper. They will live on eternally.

Marius Gurskas, Senior Specialist, Secretariat of the Centennial of Lithuania’s Restoration
With love from Lithuania to our brothers Latvians.

Wojciech Kirejczyk, Deputy Director, Niepodległa Programme Office
My sincere congratulations for the centenary of Latvia’s independence. Let the key words of these impressive celebrations and the values they carry be always with you.
Will, Birth, Courage, Freedom and Growth. Best wishes from Poland!

Photo: Kristians Luhaers