In February, German public TV channels ZDF and ARD filmed the story of the much-loved Michael Ende book, The Neverending Story,
which reached the People’s Bookshelf through the efforts of Elīza Palanska and Intra Dīriņa, pupils at the Rīga State German High School.

Silvija Tretjakova, Head of the Children’s Literature Centre, accepted the gift from journalist Astrid Reinberger. The Children’s Literature Centre headed up by Silvija is one of the Library’s most important elements. Here, children – possibly future Latvian entrepreneurs, professors and ministers – are introduced to the world of books, imagination and vital information. On a daily basis, she leads the popular Children’s, Young People’s and Parents’ Jury and other reading-promotion projects with great enthusiasm. If you want to find out how to interest children in reading and which books to choose, ask Silvija!

Translation of the message: Dear Bookshelf! I am one of Tim’s favourite books, I would really love to join you. May I?
Greetings from Erfurt.
Foto: Kristians Luhaers