A gift from the Ambassador of Finland to Latvia
Olli Kantanen, 6 July

The Ambassador of Finland to Latvia Olli Kantanen  with his spouse

Tina Nordqvist and Library director Andris Vilks

Everything starts with the alphabet, and for me this book is a primer in Finnish and Latvian poetry, in my understanding
of the richness of our languages and dialects.
One of my first tasks in Rīga in 2014 was participating in an evening of Finnish and Latvian poetry in the new National
Library of Latvia building. Heli Laaksonen and Guntars Godiņš took part in this event.
Thank you to them and to all the guardians of our two nations’ languages. Thank you!






This book is a tribute to two countries celebrating the centenaries of their independence – Finland and Latvia. It was
published in Finnish in 2017 and in Latvian in 2018.
Anna Žīgure has done a commendable job to promote a better understanding of the foundations of relations between Finland
and Latvia.
It has been a great honour for me to perform the duties of the Finnish ambassador to Latvia during the period in which
both Finland and Latvia celebrated the centenaries of their independence.
In their turn, these national celebrations have symbolised the close ties between our countries.
Through this book, I would like to warmly congratulate Latvia on its centenary! All the best to Latvia!


Photo: Kristians Luhaers