The gift of Taiwanese entrepreneurs and patrons of the arts Eric Lin and Christi Lan on 8 July

Deputy Head of the Taipei Mission in Latvia Pierre I Chia and his wife Jen-Hwey Liu present the gift – the book “Notes on Drawing, Painting, and Life” by Taiwanese artist Mei-Yu Chien – to Head of the NLL’s Library of the Baltic Research Centre for East Asian Studies, Ekaterina Pavlova

The Inscription:
I would like to make a gift of you a book that is impossible to buy, even at any of Taiwan’s huge Eslite bookstores.
Ms Jiang Mei has carefully designed, created and printed繪畫 筆記 (Notes on the Art of Painting). In her book, she presents, truthfully and in detail, the desire to depict the truth, goodness and beauty of the natural landscape.
Mei has dedicated her life, her efforts, reflections and her meticulous observations to capturing the beauty of the universe. She not only sincerely and respectfully presents her paintings to viewers, but also painstakingly describes the creative process, creating a deep and rich melody in praise of life itself. The artist selflessly and honestly shares her experience and results. It has moved me deeply.
Mei’s life was once harsh and difficult, but she was able to change it by sticking to her original aspirations. She stood up, fully immersed herself in her work and in the Notes on the Art of Painting. As I read this book, I could feel the artist’s ability to stand up, which enabled her to distinguish the splendour and harmony of the world in her paintings and books.
I sincerely invite you to devote some time to the art of Jiang Mei. Through her medium, you gain the potential to receive the succour of Mother Earth, which will bring peace, joy, and hope to your heart.
Eric Lin and Christi Lan
PS. We are particularly pleased with the excellent English translation of the book. Ms. Jiang’s art will now be able to move even more people.
Photo: Kristians Luhaers