5000 Years of Indian Art

ID: 5910-V
Vārds: Avinash Batra
Uzvārds: Latvijas Goda konsuls Indijā, Mumbajā
Izdevuma nosaukums: 5000 Years of Indian Art
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Presented to the Peoples Bookshelf of the National Library on the occasion of Centenary celebrations 2018 to mark my participation in the compaign of creating “Path of Light - Chain of Book Lovers”.

The origin of Indian Art, History and Culture can be traced to pre-historic Hominid Settlements in the 3rd Millennium B.C. The influence of art in the form of various depictions of cultures and traditions have been the most valuable and constructive cradle of human imagination. India, in the form of art has been revolutionizing and providing aesthetic continuation from the earliest known times and will continue to be immensely inspiring and illuminating.

Just akin as the revolutionizing forms of Latvian art layered with it`s culture!

Datums: 07/23/2018