80 Jahre Justizpalastbrand

ID: 4706
Vārds: Axel
Uzvārds: Weissenfels
Izdevuma nosaukums: 80 Jahre Justizpalastbrand
Izdevējs: StudienVerlag
Izdošanas vieta: Innsbruck
Izdošanas gads: 2008
Kāds ir Jūsu personiskais stāsts saistībā ar šo grāmatu?: The “Justizpalastbrand” is probably the most important incident in the Austria`s history of the 20th century involving the Austrian judiciary. The events which lead to it as well as those that followed are deeply incarved in Austria`s collective memory and are thus part of the history curriculum in every secondary school in Austria. They show what extremely important role the judiciacy for a country has and what severe consequences decisions by a court may have for the future of a country as a whole. This book, 80 years later, reflects on the inter–relationship between the judiciary and conflicts in society.
Datums: 14/12/2015