A Collection of Painting by Julijs Prieditis

ID: 5116
Vārds: Lauma
Uzvārds: Grauze
Izdevuma autors: Ilze Būmane
Izdevuma nosaukums: A Collection of Painting by Julijs Prieditis
Izdošanas vieta: Perth Australia
Izdošanas gads: 1978
Kāds ir Jūsu personiskais stāsts saistībā ar šo grāmatu?: A heartfelt thank you to my extended family and friends for their help and support for this long intended but belated album of paintings, in memory of my father. A lot of the paintings are from his beloved Latvia, some from Victoria and some still life. Many of the photos are from his album, some from the owners of his paintings and only a few that could be obtained from public buildings.
Datums: 2017 01 17 00:00:00