Biruta`s Garden of Stories

ID: 5940
Vārds: Janie
Uzvārds: Harris
Izdevuma autors: Biruta Blumberga
Izdevuma nosaukums: Biruta`s Garden of Stories
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March 20, 2018.  I offer this book to the People`s Bookshelf in loving memory of Biruta Freilande Blumberga, my birthfather`s cousin and the first blood relative I ever met.

Writer and chronicher of soviet Latvia, Biruta was my gateway to self – discovery, my guide through all things Latvian, as I have described in the foreword to this volume.

We lost Biruta in 2016, just days before her 85th birthday. May the soil rest gently on her.

Datums: 08/03/2018