De Diplomatie der Dingen

ID: 4676
Vārds: Timon
Uzvārds: Bo Salomonson
Izdevuma autors: Timon Bo Salomonson
Izdevuma nosaukums: De Diplomatie der Dingen
Izdošanas vieta: [b.v.]
Izdošanas gads: 1949
Kāds ir Jūsu personiskais stāsts saistībā ar šo grāmatu?: May these words be found by you, reader of the future, maybe very distant, here in Riga, city of books and readers, and may you recognize that the struggle between heart and mind was just as vibrant and lively as in your generation. As author of this book, I wish you a good read. Warmly, Timon Bo Salomonson.
Datums: 2015 09 22 00:00:00