ID: 4686
Vārds: Nella
Uzvārds: Popovič
Izdevuma autors: James Joyce
Izdevuma nosaukums: Dubliners
Izdošanas vieta: Hamburg - Paris - Bologna
Izdošanas gads: 1932
Kāds ir Jūsu personiskais stāsts saistībā ar šo grāmatu?: I read this book during my college years in the 1990 ties and I was deeply moved by the stories. Eveline stayed with me ever since then, her wanting to leave without the courage to do it. It stayed with me as a reminder – what a small step it takes to change one`s life. I am happy that I had the courage to take that small, but brave step.
Datums: 2015 09 24 00:00:00