New Zealand: Aotearoa

ID: 5917-V
Vārds: John Milford
Uzvārds: Latvijas Goda konsuls Jaunzēlandē
Izdevuma nosaukums: New Zealand: Aotearoa
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Tena Koutou katoa i New Zealand, ngā Aotearoa.

Te pūtake puru hūkerikeri, raro ngā whakawhiti te Taki-O-Autahi.

Greetings from New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Set in the stormy southern seas, beneath the shining Southern Cross.

The land that welcomed and embraced me and my family, as it has done so for many others. A land of cheerful adventures, creative pioneers, colourful artists and so much more. A country that lead the global suffragette movement and championed the rights of women, a nation that has always believed passionately in the democratic rights of its people and their freedom to speak openly. A distant home to people from many different creeds and nations, waiting to be discovered.

This book shares a number of examples exploring the beautiful landscape of our nation, from the stark white snows of the towering Southern Alps to the golden sands of the 90 Mile Beach, travelling across the great fjords of the South Island, into our deep forests filled with spectacular creatures of every shape and size, and depicts the wonderful people that inhabit New Zealand, including the rich history of the native Maori tribes.

A distant harbour amid the storm-tossed sea to the south, New Zealand is a vibrant land filled with wonderous sights and a people waiting to embrace those who arrive.

Ngā mihi nui

Datums: 07/24/2018