New Zealand in Flower

ID: 6171
Vārds: William
Uzvārds: Tobin
Izdevuma autors: Alison Evans
Izdevuma nosaukums: New Zealand in Flower
Izdevējs: Reed Methuen
Izdošanas gads: 1987
Kāds ir Jūsu personiskais stāsts saistībā ar šo grāmatu?: A Special Book for a Special Bookshelf New Zealand/Aotearoa is a country embedded in my heart. The upheavels of the First World War brought my grandfather across the world from there to Europe, where he met my Lancashire grandmother and sired my father. I myself have lived two decades of my life in New Zealand. Like much of the new World, a principal feature is the land and the outdoors. Separated 80 million years ago from Australia and Antarctica, the flora and fauna developed in isolation and are unique. This book details New Zealand`s native flowering plants. Many are quite discreet, but some have distinctive shapes which mark the landscape, such as the harakeke, the vegetable sheep, the ti kouka and the toetoe. Others, like the southern rata, the horokaka, the kowhai and – above all – the pohutukawa produce great splashes of colour when in bloom. The ngaio with its tiny flower provides a name for many kiwi baby girls, including one of my daughters. Dear reader, enjoy this book from the other side of the Earth.
Datums: 12/11/2018