The Passage to Europe

ID: 4654
Vārds: Nezināms
Uzvārds: ziedotājs
Izdevuma autors: Luuk Van Middelaar
Izdevuma nosaukums: The Passage to Europe
Izdošanas vieta: New Haven
Izdošanas gads: 2004
Kāds ir Jūsu personiskais stāsts saistībā ar šo grāmatu?: I came to Riga on the occasion of the visit of the European Unions Committee of Permanent Representatives, during the first Latvian Presidency of the Council of Ministers. I dedicate this book, that I believe is the best in its category (written by my former colleague, Luuk) to two Latvian friends. The first is Juris Štāmeistars – the first Latvian Chairman of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER I). The second is Linda Tomase from the EU Presidency Secretariat in Riga with whom we worked in professional friendship for 2 years to prepare this successful Presidency.
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